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I have been a member of a gym for the past 8 years, but previously found it hard

to keep going on a regular basis.

One day I spoke to Nick to enquire about the personal training programmes.
I spoke to Nick because he always seemed very friendly and approachable, something I had worried about. I wanted to feel comfortable around the person I was going to train with, and not intimidated.

I had  thought about having a personal trainer in the past but hadn’t found the right one.

He got me booked in for my first session and explained everything in detail and then the following week we began our programme.

Since my first session with Nick, I feel that not only have I toned key areas that bothered me, but I have also increased my stamina, found my love for going to the gym again and dramatically increased my confidence. He has also helped me significantly reduce my body fat percentage and my overall body measurements.

Nick has taught me that there are many different ways to work out that will help me to achieve my goal. Before I would never of thought to incorporate weights in to my workout because I had a misconception that this would just make me bigger. Six weeks into my sessions with Nick, I realise that as long as I use them correctly that this is no longer a worry.

Nick is fantastic at what he does, he is very encouraging when I have worked hard, but he also pushes me to do better and has every confidence in me achieving my goals.

“ For guaranteed results – Go with the best, train with Nick!”

Emily Allsopp (Aged 24)

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Emily Allsopp client testimonial
Emily has now been training with NK Personal Training for over 2 years now & has dropped from 11 stone to 9 stone !!! A very well done to Emily !!! She also does modelling now, to see her modelling portfolio click facebook.com/EmilyAllsoppModel !!!


I have been trying to beat the baby buldge since having my son 2 and a half years ago, and unfortunately never got where i wanted to be physically. I decided to join the gym as a last resort and found Nick!

I felt nervous to ask for help as i have always been very self concious. Nick made me feel comfortable and happy to openly tell him what i wanted to change and the areas i wanted to improve on. He was very approachable and professional.

We got the first session booked in and Nick explained everything in detail with me, after this i felt re-assured and booked the sessions to start the following week.

I am now on week 5 with Nick and do just two half hour sessions with him a week and i am already 17lbs lighter. Nick provided me with an eating plan to help boost the weight loss. I have drastically minimised my ‘baby belly’ which was the area i wanted to improve on the most. I have gone down two dress sizes and two bra sizes.

Nick has taught me that loosing weight can be fun and enjoyable, he has shown me that a work out doesnt have to be boring. Each session is different and keeps me on my toes. I can feel the confidence that i had before i had a baby and finally feel i can be comfortable in my own skin.

Nick has helped me reduce my body fat dramatically and start to tone all the areas of my body.

Nick is an amazing trainer, and always pushes me to my limit and really believes i will get exactly where i want to be. He is extremely encouraging and i couldnt imagine getting this far so fast without him.

I would reccomend Nick for anyone that isnt happy with what they see in the mirror and wish to improve their life quality and fitness.

Whitney Cailleau (Aged 25)

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I’ve been training with Nick for around 9 months now. I had been a member at the gym for almost a year before, but I never really got anywhere because like most I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. AlthoughI was going 3-4 times a week I wasn’t really feeling the benefits and was close to cancelling my membership. Nick had just started as a new trainer and asked me if I wanted a free 10 minute session. I agreed but not really holding much hope I was going to like it. After the 10 minute session I couldn’t walk for 4 days!! And it wasn’t like Nick had made me do anything that was really difficult,we did a few different exercises just using my body weight. The year I had been going to the gym previous had never made me ache like this so it was quite clear I needed help to push me beyond my comfort zone. I started having a weekly session with nick and gradually I have built up my fitness, I’ve lost 40lbs and dropped 4 dress sizes. Nick is friendly and non judgemental, he pushes me to go that bit further in sessions and each session is different so my body doesn’t get chance to become used to the exercise and become lazy. I can have a laugh with nick when I’m training which I think really helps me, because I can’t stand being on a cross trainer or treadmill for like 25 minutes, I find it so boring. Exercising can be fun when it’s done right.

I would recommend anyone to give sessions a go with Nick, he’s professional, fun and an excellent trainer.

Alison Lievesley (Aged 29)Stockport   

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Before starting training with Nick, I was under weight and suffering from anxiety and depression. I had relatively low esteem and was bored most of the time – in my break from university. I was un-happy with my strength, fitness and physique. I wanted to become a healthier weight, become more toned and have the strength to use in any aspect of daily life (for example in sport and work etc).

When I first approached Nick, I found him to be very helpful and informative. I felt like he generally wanted to help and had a lot of passion for his job as a personal trainer. I explained that I wanted to build functional strength, and so he built a program which aimed at developing this. Only just over a month into my personal training I had noticed extraordinary gains in strength and size (in which I had put on a few pounds of lean muscle mass). This was a big accomplishment for me, as being a hard gainer I struggle to gain weight.

I was really impressed at within the space of a half an hour session with Nick, was that he could push you to achieve so much in that small amount of time whilst inspiring confidence. It was definitely better than spending hours in the gym like I did before and make little if any progress. Furthermore Nick was very approachable and easy to get along with: he’s polite and you can ask him anything about training.

Once I had been with Nick for a while great progress was still being made, as there was no plateau to making gains, as the training program was constantly having adjustments being made to it, so that the body’s muscles were constantly being shocked into growth by new movements. Furthermore the learning of new exercises made training more interesting and helped keep me motivated. I find on some days I just couldn’t wait to get back in the gym.

I actually exceeded my expectations when training with Nick, for example I thought it would be a good achievement to increase the weights I use for squatting by double, when now after about half a year that has increased by six times! I have now reached a healthier weight, put on over a stone of muscle and gained much more muscle definition which hasn’t gone un noticed by friends and others. I am finding that life’s daily activities are getting easier, I am much happier and motivated in other aspects of my life (Like in work) and the gym has played a role in allowing me to be weaned of my tablets, and better both my mental and physical health.

In conclusion training with Nick has changed my life, and very much helped me in reaching my goals. I would recommend his personal training to anyone looking to improve their; fitness, physique and general health.

‘You definitely get what you pay for with Nick’

Joseph Lindley (Aged 20)

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Having just done the detox with nick to help improve my body shape alongside personal training. Glad to say it was amazing, skin was brighter, much more energy, brain was sharper, loads of people commented how good I looked and I certainly feel it. I will not kid you 3rd day was a struggle but I thought I’m third of the way there. I’m so glad I did as it was a breeze after that and as I say the results are ace, would recommend to anybody, would also highly recommend signing up for personal training with nick to see what you’re missing from your exercise regime as he is highly knowledgable of his job and will have you hitting your goals in no time through ifun and well structured workout rountines. May i add that i have had personal trainers before and Nick is by far the best one i have had as i used to think exercise was jumping on a treadmill now i know through Nick there is far more to it than that!

You won’t be disappointed and you definitely see results!

Audrey Angus (Aged 54)


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I came to nick about 7 months ago because I was unhappy with my body. I was going to the gym for about 6 months before and I saw no change in my body and didn’t like the way I looked.

Within the first month I saw dramatic changes; I lost a stone and a half and gained muscle definition which i was really pleased with. As I stand at the moment I love my shape I feel better and healthier as well, Nick also makes it every session enjoyable and pushes you to your limits to get the full potential out of yourself, no matter how tired you are he will motivate you to go that extra mile for my own benefit, I could never be bothered with the gym before, I started to get bored as I said it wasn’t doing anything for me until I got help from Nick Kirk.

The best thing about him is that he’s a really nice guy you can have a laugh & most importantly bring enjoyment to the workout which is key for me!

For his work he would easily get 10/10 everything he does goes off your ability and very specific to your goals.

My goals were on day 1 to LOSE WEIGHT and GAIN MUSCLE DEFINITION and have reached these goals, with Nickusing a combination of interval training and weights into my routine and many different exercises, some stuff I wasn’t very fond off but I know needed to be done for me to hit my GOALS I have the results to show and now have new goals now of GETTING STRONGER, and at the moment we are doing more heavier weights which I’m really enjoying as I can feel my body getting biggerand stronger.

I am a happier healthier in shape person so all I’d like to say is thank you Nick.

Darth Clegg (Aged 24)

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I have been training myself for a few years now with the goal of getting a leaner body with more muscle mass but I never really got the results I was looking for.

I have been working with Nick for several months now and during that time Nick has helped me achieve my goals.

He accomplished this by putting me through many different types of training methods such as circuits as well as changing my diet, even down to the recipes.

His sessions were also varied which prevented the sessions from becoming boring, which was a problem for me in the past. Nick is also very easy to work with and get along with which makes you want to go back to the gym.

I would definitely recommend Nick to anyone who is stuck in a plateau and is wanting to see big improvements in their strength, endurance and body composition.

James Fahey (Aged 24)

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” I booked a course of sessions with Nick so that my husband and I could train together, at home, with the discipline of someone coming to us weekly. Nick was fantastic: we each had an individual diet plan and he worked out the exercises to suit our requirements. I exercised harder with Nick than I ever have before; he makes it fun, challenging, different each session, and really hard work – just what we needed! I would recommend Nick’s training sessions to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight or just renew their enthusiasm for exercise”.

Kathy Smith (Age 53)

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Why I would definitely recommend nick as a PT…

So I decided to join a gym as I was getting older and needed to do some exercise to keep fit! I wanted to tone, not necessarily loose weight, so I went for an induction at the gym and it was nick who showed me around, he asked me lots of questions about what I had done previous and what I wanted to get out of my time at the gym, not to mention he made me feel really comfortable in a place I was a little scared of, never having been to a gym before!!!

He asked if I wanted a free trial PT session with him, of course I said yes, just to learn a little, but with no intention to carry on! After a 30min session, I was incapable of even walking down the stairs at work! I don’t know what he made me do but it made me realise I had no muscles!!! He totally convinced me that I could achieve what I wanted with him, and he was totally right! I started with two 30min sessions a week and tried to make the gym on my own twice a week too. I also went swimming. Work got so tough, so many hours and so little time to do anything. I got so run down and started going to the gym less and less and even missing sessions with nick. He was so understanding and really looked after me, he made me feel like he was my mate that I could talk to. He realised I was struggling, encouraged me to get my health back on track, do a detox and then spent time investigating what was making me so run down so that I was able to make little changes to overcome it. He even showed me work outs to do while I was at home, if I couldn’t make it to the gym.

My goal was to be toned and happy with my figure for when I went travelling in approx 9months. I also had issues with my ankles and I wore innersoles to help flatten my feet and give me balance. Nick said to me he would make sure I didn’t need my innersoles anymore, I didn’t think this would ever happen.
Well it is one year later now, I don’t wear my innersoles anymore and I received the best compliment off someone the other day ‘you look amazing, you definitely go to the gym, how often do you go?’. I genuinely didn’t think I had changed that much, except that I was way fitter and more capable of activities! But looking back at photos I definitely have!

I spent two whole days cycling the redwoods of New Zealand and I never stopped once… I had been here before and only managed half a day before I met nick. I came home after travelling, and the first thing I did was contact nick, I got my fitness back and 2months later I’m travelling again! I’ve only been here a week and I miss the gym and nick pushing me to achieve my goals. But he’s made me a hotel workout and I’m going to keep it up!

This all sounds so cheesy but he really did make a difference, he was a friend and he pushed me to achieve my goals, I look back and I don’t even feel I made that much of an effort, even though nick definitely pushed me!!! I just hope I can keep this up without him, otherwise I’ll be back to the UK!!! He’s a genuine guy, knows exactly what he’s talking about and super professional, don’t miss out!

Laura Townley (Aged 28)

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Before I starting my personal training sessions with Nick I had little direction on my own exercise routine using the same weight for all my workouts. The main problem was I couldn’t push myself to get the results I was aiming for.

After a couple of months of training with Nick I could see results in my strength and all-round fitness. When he found the right workout and diet plan for me it was golden, I was able to see results in all areas and the best thing is that Nick continuously changes the sessions to make sure my body does not become accustomed to the exercises and he also kept me motivated throughout.

I have been amazed with the results as I have been able to see a huge change in my physical appearance and strength.

I would recommend Nick to anyone who want’s to push themselves to the limit and see the results they are wanting to achieve.

Ryan Davies (Aged 22)

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Before I starting my personal training sessions with Nick I had little direction with my own exercise using the same weight for all my exercises! The main problem I had was a lower back pain when I stood for moderate periods of time and I also wanted to increase my overall health and my upper body strength.

Nick is great in that he will tailor his approach to your personal circumstances, body type etc… This includes both an exercise regime and also assistance with a diet plan. Nick is enthusiastic and passionate which comes across in the sessions. The way that Nick continuously changes the sessions to make sure your body does not become accustomed to the exercises and which also keeps you motivated.

I have been amazed with the results as I have been able to see a huge change in my physical appearance and felt the benefits of a healthier diet.

Pete Coull (Aged 35)

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