NK Personal Training in Saddleworthsaddleworth

NK Personal Training have now branched out and deliver expert health and fitness workout regimes to the people of Saddleworth. Nick Kirk who runs NK Personal Training has been a personal trainer for many years and has experience in all areas of health and fitness.

Whether you goals are to lose weight, tone up or increase muscle mass  we provide a range of personal training workouts to cover all the requirements from customers.

NK Personal Training is there to give you all the knowledge and advice on how to achieve your target goals and maintain the results. Nick can explain the perfect diet for your requirements and go through how to execute the exercises the right way.

This is why Nick’s motto is ‘Train SMARTER… Not HARDER’ as this is what gets his customers the results they want.

It can be challenging to begin a workout regime at first but Nick Kirk has bags of experience in working with many individuals at all levels of fitness. His workouts will be based around the levels you are at.

If you would like to get into shape this new year and you live in the Saddleworth area then contact NK Personal Training on 07791354877 and we will look forward to helping you reach your goals.