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Nick Kirk has many years of experience in the health and fitness industry and as a personal trainer operating around the area of Failsworth in Manchester. Nick knows what it takes to achieve your goals by giving his expert knowledge and advice.

Most people want to lose weight but that is not always the case, Nick will give you advice on the best training for you. Whether it is strength training, toning or a specific sport you would like training in, NK Personal Training do it all.

NK Personal Training have trained many people in the Failsworth area and all of them have been happy with the results they have gotten. The reason behind this is that Nick has a motto “’Train SMARTER… Not HARDER’ meaning that it is all about the way you train and not how hard.

Gym training on your own can be boring causing you to be de-motivated and not wanting to go to the gym, which is why NK Personal Training offer a unique package where you can train with a friend as well as on your own.

If you would like any more information on any of our personal training services and you live in the Failsworth area then give us a call on 07791354877 to book in your FREE consultation now!

NK Personal Training

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